The Problem Of Gastritis



Over eating, taking meal very quickly, taking diet which is rich in fiber, taking unhealthy food etc are the common factors which can lead to the problem of gastritis. Consumption of food which cannot be easily digested can cause this problem.

In case you eat some intolerable food, it may also cause the problem of gastritis. If not treated in time gastritis can lead to other health complications.


The symptoms of gastritis are burping, belching, farting, stomach pain, lower back pain, chest pain, dizziness, stress, headache etc. As gastritis leads to various health disorders, it is very important to know the basic facts about gastritis and its treatment. There are various home based tips using which you can avoid the problem of gastritis.

Drinking Water

Drink water empty stomach while getting up in the morning. Drink more than sufficient amount of water for the rest of the day. Drink fresh fruit juice on a regular basis. Avoid food which is rich in fiber. Lemon juice the best thing to take if you are experiencing the problem of gastric. Add a little amount of salt in the lemon juice and drink it twice a day. It will give a great relief from gastric.


Ginger is very effective in gastric. Take a small piece of ginger, chew it with salt. It will reduce the chances of gastritis. Mild exercise and morning walk are helpful in gastric. Taking ajwain is a good remedy for gastric. Take a teaspoonful of ajwain, swallow it with lukewarm water without chewing. This will give a quick relief from gastric.

Eating Slowly

Eating the meal slowly is effective in avoiding the problem of gastric. Avoid fiber containing stuffs like cabbage, bean etc. Carbonated beverages are not good for gastric. Avoid chewing gums because it increases the chances of gastritis. Relax while and after taking meal. If you find that a change in your life pattern has caused the problem of gastric, you need to revert back that change. In case the symptoms are persistent, you are advised to consult a doctor for diagnosis.

The Problem Of Gastritis