Symptoms and Remedies of Hangover

Symptoms and Remedies of Hangover

Hangover is condition in which symptoms like redness of eyes, headache, dryness of mouth occur due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Clinical term used to describe this condition is veisalgia. Generally it is after effect of consumption of alcohol in large amount. When you drink large amount of alcohol, you experience headache, vomiting, severe headache, tiredness etc. This is because of the problem of hangover.

Due to dryness of mouth you feel a frequent urge to wet your throat and tongue. Puffy and red colored eyes are also the symptoms of hangover. An exposure to sunlight is undesirable during hangover and you feel to keep sleeping in your bed.

Drink water

When you drink alcohol it causes a lot of water loss in the body and therefore drinking lot of water before going to bed in the night can be helpful in reducing symptoms of hangover. You should drink a good amount of water while getting up in the morning also. Eat some food before or while you drink alcohol. Food taking while drinking absorbs the alcohol and therefore the effects are less harmful. Ensure that you eat good food after drinking alcohol.

If you don’t eat food, the effect of alcohol may be more harmful. Food reduces the amount of alcohol going into the bloodstream and hence reduces the after effects of drinking. Consumption of fruits containing vitamin C is very helpful in hangover. Vitamin C reduces the effects of alcohol. You can take vitamin C tables as supplement.

avoid alochol


Don’t drink in quick fashion, take some time in finishing your drink, this will be helpful in reducing the after effects of alcohol. Avoid taking alcohol with carbonated drinks. Alcohol drink which are sweet in taste should be avoided because while drinking sweet alcohol, you might not be able to judge the quantity of alcohol you have taken. It should be noted that regular consumption of alcohol leads to various health complications, hence the best way is to avoid drinking alcohol.