The Problem Of Hangover

Imagine getting up in the morning with a dizzy and heavy head. This condition will make it difficult to do normal routine work. The whole day will go waste. Hangover is the after-effects of large consumption of alcohol. It interferes with the daily rhythm of the body. The common symptoms of hangover are headache, dizziness, restlessness, anxiety, irritation, mood fluctuations, thirst and unusual sensitivity to light and noise.

Every person has their limits to tolerate different amounts of alcohol. Some people gets hangover on small consumption while other will not experience it even after large consumption of alcohol. It therefore, depends on many factors whether a person will get hangover or not. The alcohol present in beverages like wine, whiskey and beer has dehydrating effects. It results in lose of fluid from the body. Along with the fluid, some essential salts are also lost by the body. The loss of fluid and salts from the body results in headache, dry mouth and tiredness.

The alcohol disrupts the metabolism of the body and increases the acidity of the blood. Liver has to work for long hours to remove the toxins from the body. The dark beverages like red wine, brandy and whiskey have more toxins called congener than in light spirits like vodka and white wine.  Alcohol with more congeners causes more severe hangover. Those who take smoking and drinking together get worse hangover. Excess weight and growing age also contributes toward hangover.

Drinking sufficient quantity of water before and after drinking alcohol prevents the dehydration of the body. Resist smoking while drinking. Never drink empty stomach. Always eat something before and after drinking. Eating helps in reducing the after-effects of drinking as the body absorbs less amount of alcohol. Eating starchy food is more helpful. But sweet and sugary food should be avoided. Take Vitamin C tablets as it helps in breaking alcohol, thus helping liver to quick the process of detoxification.

Avoid carbonated drinks with alcohol. Similarly, alternating alcohol with non-alcoholic beverage is a good way to consume less alcohol. Eating banana is good home remedy for hangover. Drinking ginger tea or a concoction of lemon, honey and hot water gives quick relief from hangovers. Having a bowl of soup is good for gaining some energy. Placing a bag of crushed ice on the head gives relief from heaviness. It is not possible for many people to give up drinking, at least social drinking. But the hangovers can be prevented with care and precautions.