The Problem of Hiccups

The muscles which separate our stomach and the chest are known as the diaphragm muscles. Hiccups is a condition in which the diaphragm muscles encounter a contraction and we feel some sort of congestion or stiffness in breathing.

A different sound is produced due to uneasy passes of breath through these contracted diaphragm muscles. The irritation of the diaphragm nerves causes the breath to pass in a bouncing way and as a result it produces a specific sound. There are not health issues associated with hiccups, however the person suffering from it feels very uneasy. The factors like heartburn, bloating, diabetes, surgery, some sort of infection, anesthesia, overstretching of neck etc are responsible for the problem of hiccups.

In some cases consumption of spicy and hot food, taking alcoholic drinks in excess, smoking, etc. may also be a reason for this problem. In case you experience the problem of hiccups very frequently, you should not take hot food. Food which is very spicy should also be avoided in case of hiccups. Avoid drinking water immediately after having a meal. You should drink water not before 30 minutes.

However, there is no particular type of food which should be taken for the problem of hiccups. The only thing which can be advised in this case is to avoid spicy food and hot food. You should avoid overeating and should not go for unhealthy foods. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is advisable to avoid hiccups. Avoid indulging in activities which require an extra stretching of neck muscles.

There are some home based treatments for hiccups which are very effective in getting quick relief from hiccups. Gargling with water is one of the most commonly used home remedies for hiccups. It provides a quick relief from hiccups. The other natural remedy for hiccups include seizing breath for some time, sipping ice cool water very quickly, placing ice pack around the diaphragm muscles to avoid the contraction etc. Pressing eye balls very slowly for some moments is also very helpful in case of hiccups. You can also take soda water very quickly to get rid of hiccups.