The Problem of Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition in which a person is not able to enjoy proper sleep during night. The other terms used to describe this disorder are wakefulness and dyssomnia. The person suffering from insomnia experiences difficulty in falling sleep because he couldn’t sleep properly without taking abnormally long time to go a deep sleep. Moreover insomnia patients may also experience a problem in the morning as they wake up early.

Due to improper sleep during night, the person feel very tired and low in energy next morning and can not perform up to the mark for the whole day. The problem becomes more complicated when your work involves metal exercises. The problems experienced by a patients of insomnia are fatigue, restlessness, low body energy, drowsiness etc. The basic causes of insomnia include stress, tension, depression, consumption of alcohol, consumption of certain drugs, change in life pattern etc. You may face the problem of sleeplessness if you suddenly stop taking alcohol or a particular type of drug.

Long term insomnia may develop dark circles under the eyes and in some cases it may lead to the problem of short memory or memory loss. The energy level of body becomes quite low due to the problem of insomnia. Disorientation, lack of concentration, unwillingness to work, restlessness, irritation, etc are the common problem faced during insomnia. Hence it is advisable to consult a doctor if you experience any of these problems consistently.

Always ensure that you enjoy a proper sleep before getting up the next morning. If the number of hours you sleep is less than required by your body, then you will experience various problems mentioned above and the problem will become more complicated with the passes of time.

However, the hour required to take proper rest varies person to person, if you feel fresh after sleeping for any hour between 4 to 10, you might not suffering from the problem of insomnia. Regular and excessive consumption of alcohol can also be a factor responsible for this problem. As excessive consumption of alcohol leads to several other health complications, you should avoid drinking alcohol.