The Problem of Liver Enlargement

Sometimes due to some liver diseases the size of liver gets increased remarkably. This enlargement of liver is clinically termed as hepatomegaly. There are no such clinical symptoms associated with this enlargement of liver but it can lead to fatal consequences in some cases.

The swelling or enlargement of liver can be due to jaundice, liver cancer, hepatitis etc. Other disorders leading to enlargement of liver include some blood disorders, regular consumption of alcoholic drinks, excessive intake of carbonated drinks, consumption of unhealthy food etc. The person suffering from the problem of liver enlargement is at a higher risk of liver related diseases like liver cancer, jaundice etc.

Intake of healthy and balanced food is key factor to avoid various health complications in our body. Drinking plenty of water every day keeps our body healthy and fit. People with a weak immune system are more prone to get various diseases and therefore it is very important to take stuffs, which make our immune system powerful.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C will be very helpful and effective in avoiding these ailments. If you feel that your immune system is quite weak, you can take vitamin C tablets as supplement. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to supply various vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients to the body.

There are various home remedies for the treatment of enlargement of liver. Taking juice of spearmint on a regular basis helps in treatment of enlarged liver. Take 250 mL of spearmint juice, add some sugar to it, drink the juice daily in the morning, you will observe the result with in a period of 7 to 10 days. Consumption of brinjals on a regular basis is very effective in treatment of liver enlargement. It reduces the size of liver and brings it back to its original size. Taking orange juice also help curing the liver enlargement. However in case of complications you are advised to go to a doctor for check up.