The Problem of Thinning of Hair

Almost everybody is today’s society is facing the problem of thinning of hairs. The changing in our life style in today’s world has made the problem worse. The problem has become very common in recent years. Both male and female population all over the globe is facing this problem. For women who are comparatively more beauty conscious the problem is more frustrating because hairs play a major role in our beauty.

In some cases this problem can lead to depression and stress among the people. Various factors responsible for thinning of hair include hormonal imbalances, genetic problems, stress, unhealthy life pattern, etc.  Consumption of unhealthy diet for a long period and living in polluted environment for a long period can also lead to the problem of thinning of hairs. Till today there is no effective over the counter medicine for the treatment of thinning of hair. However few precautionary steps can avoid this problem.

There are a number of herbal treatments which are very effective in avoiding the problem of thinning of hair. These herbs are being used for treatment of thinning hair for centuries and have become more popular in recent years. The advantage of these herbal treatments is that they don’t have any side effect and in most of the cases they are cost effective too.

One of the very commonly used herbs for the problem of thinning of hairs is Ginko Biloba. Ginko Biloba is very helpful in keeping hair healthy and avoids their thinning. By enhancing the blood circulation in the area around the roots of the hair, Ginko Biloba improves the hair growth by a considerable factor.

Another herb used for thinning of hair is sage. It is very helpful in reconstruction of the damaged hair. Sage is very effective in quick treatment of thinning of hairs. Washing hair with sage water helps in making the hair root stronger. Hairs with weak roots are more prone this problem and therefore a remedy which can strengthen the roots of the hair can be very useful. Burdock is an example of such herb. It makes the roots stronger and enhances the growth of hairs. Thyme is also very effective in treatment of thinning of hair. Applying thyme on regular basis gives a quick relief from the thinning of hair.

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