The Problem Of Wrist Joint Pain

Working for longer hours causes pain in the wrist joints. Wrist pain is one of the most common joint problems faced by people. The pain of wrists should not be ignored. The inability to use arm or carry objects, hand injuries, frequent pain in wrist joints during night, inability to bend the joints, swelling around the joint are the symptoms which worsens the condition of wrist.

Wrist connects the forearms and the palms. It provides flexibility to hand during movements like writing, holding and throwing. The wrist is a double row of small short bones called carpals which connect together to form a malleable hinge. If an activity hurts the ligaments, bones and cartilage supporting the joint, it will result in wrist pain. The main causes of wrist pain are tendonitis, sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, ganglion cyst and fractures.

Tendonitis is due to inflammation of tendon sheath. It causes wrist swelling and pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when the median wrist nerve gets compressed. Due to this a person may feel aching, burning, numbness in palm, wrist, thumb or fingers. Arthritis causes weakening of wrist bones. As a result, wrist of a person faces difficulty in performing daily activities.

A ganglion cyst is a fluid filled capsule that causes swelling over the back of the hand or wrist. The cyst grows in size but is not cancerous. Wrist fractures occur due to accident and fall from roof or ladder. Factors which increase the risk of wrist pain are sports like basketball, football and hockey etc. Old age makes the bone brittle and susceptible for fractures. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increases fluid retention in the body increasing the swelling in the carpel tunnel.

The first step to cure wrist pain is to provide sufficient rest to the affected area. Ice packs and heat pads can be used for treatment of wrist pain. Support braces provide support to people with recent fractures and sprains. Over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs are useful for instant relief from pain.

But if the wrist pain becomes severe and does not heal in one or two days than consulting a doctor is must. Some wrist injuries can be diagnosed with a medical history and full examination of the affected area. In some cases, X-ray, CT scan and MRI may be required. Treatment of wrist problems may depend upon the type, location and severity of the injury. Include adequate amount of calcium in your diet. Use wrist guards while playing sports like football and basketball.

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