The Screening Assessment For Cholesterol Levels


The levels of cholesterol in the blood will help in evaluating the health of the heart in a person. The presence of high cholesterol levels in the blood is considered as a risk factor for the initiation of stroke and coronary heart disease. A sample of blood will be taken from the arm and analysed in the laboratory for the cholesterol presence.


The experts will advise the patient if he/she has to fast before the cholesterol test is done. The total cholesterol and HDL levels can be measured in case the person has not fasted. This is because the food that is recently taken will influence the levels of triglycerides and LDL. The test report will show the results in milligrams per decilitre units.

The cholesterol measurement results can be interpreted depending on the risk aspects such as ancestral inheritance, hypertension and cigarette smoking. The high cholesterol levels does not have any clear symptoms which are not harmful and not easy to diagnose. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a screening test for detecting the high cholesterol levels. The screening can also be done without fast.

Screening Assessment For Cholesterol Levels

Screening For Cholesterol Without Fasting

The knowledge of HDL and total cholesterol levels in the blood in general will give us an idea about the cholesterol content in the person’s blood.

The above parameters will not give detailed information about the lipoprotein profile of the person as these tests are conducted without fasting. Lipoprotein profile has to be done only if the total cholesterol level results are greater than 200mg/dl and HDL levels are lower than 40mg/dl.

without fasting

Screening For Cholesterol For Adults

The people who are aged above 20 years are suggested to undergo cholesterol screening test for every five years period. If the total cholesterol levels and HDL levels are lower than normal then the duration between the two regular screening tests can be increased.

If the total cholesterol level is above the normal threshold and the HDL level falls below normal then the screening tests have to be done very frequently. Irrespective of their ages, people suffering from cardiovascular disease, high blood sugar and hypertension should have to undergo the screening test for cholesterol.


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Screening For Cholesterol In Children

If the children belong to the family where the elders had heart attack or high cholesterol in men below 55 years of age and in women below 65 years of age, then they are bound to inherit the problem. In such cases, the child has to be screened for cholesterol levels when it is aged two years.

Such children have to be screened before their age crosses ten years inevitably. If the levels of cholesterol are normal in people who have diabetes and those who are obese, then it is suggested for them to repeat the cholesterol screening test for every 3 to 5 year period. If an individual is taking any treatment for high cholesterol levels in the blood then screening it once in six months is essential.


Lipoprotein Profile Test Needs Fasting

The research done by the Cambridge researchers has revealed that lipoprotein profile test results were normal if the people ate before giving the test.

But, people are suggested to be in fast before they give blood sample for this particular test. It is because it takes lot of time for the body to clear the fatty substances from the blood that were accumulated by food.