The Simplest and Best Remedies to Get Rid of Burn Scars

Women tend to get tiny burns and bruises all the time. Minor scars and burns caused by the sun, hot plates in the kitchen and other household products tend to cause tiny or severe burns. Though in most cases lotions and skin care products are effective as a remedy for burns in some cases certain home remedies can be extremely effective.

Most of the burns can be cured with products that you have in the kitchen or in your dresser.

Take Aloe Vera as an example. In the form of a gel the plant extract can be used to treat major and minor burns and cuts. Applying the gel helps to soothe inflammation on the skin and reduces the discoloration. It also prevents scarring.

You can get Aloe Vera in the gel form in any drug store but it is best if you use the extract directly from the plant itself. Applying the gel 3 to 4 times a day will ensure that the scar heals quickly. Since the plant is known for its healing properties it is used in many cosmetics and is available in almost all stores.

Olive oil is also a good remedy that is used to treat burns and scars. The skin can be softened by massing olive oil all over the body. This helps to treat the scars and reduce the inflammation. After massaging the oil onto your skin you need to let it sit for a few minutes; then wrap the skin in a towel in order to close the wound. You can also use the towel as a hot water compress; wring out the water from the towel and then apply it to the skin.

After the burn has healed you must exfoliate the skin with honey and sugar. Mix honey and the sugar and massage it onto the skin in order to get rid of the scars and any bruises that are left behind. Rinse the area well after you have used this treatment.