The Wonders of Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is known to be able to alleviate sense and reduce mood swings. Known to be prepared from the king of flowers; the aroma of rose oil is divine, sweet, rich and floral. It has several health benefits and is one of the common oils used in aromatherapy and in the cure of common ailments.

If you suffer from constant headaches then you must use the oil in a diffuser to get rid of the aches. It helps to reduce the occurrence of the pains and gives instant relief. If you are traveling and this is the cause of your headache then you must use rose water and splash it on your face. It helps to increase energy levels and gets rid of the headache almost immediately.

Rose oil is also used in skin care treatments. It helps to reduce skin inflammation and takes care of excess oil production on your skin .It is known to refresh tired skin. If you have puffy eyes or dark circles under your eyes then you must soak cotton balls in cold water and rose oil or rose water and apply them to your eyes. Rest for 10 to 15 minutes and you will notice a visible change after you wash your face.

Rose oil is used in various skin care treatments due to its therapeutic nature. In the case of acne; the oil helps to reduce the scars that the pimples leave behind. Roses are considered a sign of love and help to mend a broken heart and are used in the treatment of several emotional disorders. Aroma therapists recommend the use of the oil in diffusers or in aroma lamps and incense sticks in order to get rid of emotional stress. It has been proved as an effective cure.

Since the oil is gentle is can be used directly on the skin during massages or you can add it to your bath water. If you are suffering from a heart related disorder then you must gently massage the oil onto your skin near your chest. The oil is known to be effective in curing the disorder. The best use of the oil is as an aphrodisiac.