3 Essential Oils For Skin Irritation

3 Essential Oils For Skin Irritation

Skin irritation is the inflammation caused due to the exposure of the skin to bacteria, fungus or any other harmful properties. Several remedies are there for avoiding skin irritation, but trying aromatherapy is the most soothing and effective. Essential oils are those oils that have been distilled from the plants and have powerful healing properties. These essential oils are used for a wide range of activities ranging from cooking to massaging of body parts by the Therapists. The Therapeutic essential oils stimulate the immune system of the body and are anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-tumor, antiseptic and even antifungal. There are a lot of essential oils that can be used to treat the skin irritations.

Essential oils for skin irritation:


Lemongrass For Skin Irritation

Lemongrass essential oil has an effective anti-oxidant, astringent, bactericidal, nervine, fungicidal, antidepressant, antiseptic and sedative properties that can be used as a body tonic as well as a deodorant. This essential oil is used as diffusers to purify air as well as fight germs and bacteria. Since this oil is a strong antiseptic, it is useful in dealing with skin irritations.

The lemongrass oil should be sparingly added to cleanser for use with oily skin. Lemongrass oil is helpful in treating definite skin conditions like acne, rough skin patches and various other skin problems. For treating these skin harms, separate skin oil can be made by mixing lemongrass with jajoba oil or sweet almond oil.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Oil For Skin Irritation

This essential oil is popular in treating skin irritations and in treating wounds and different fungal infections of the skin. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics along with strong antiseptic properties of eucalyptus essential oil help it to fight bacteria and fungus that are responsible for various skin irritations.  This oil is used in many natural skin care products that have the ability to reduce the redness and irritations of the skin.

Tea tree oil

This essential oil is a skin care miracle. This essential oil is extremely useful in various skin conditions like soothing skin and is known as a skin care miracle by many researchers. Tea tree essential oil is known as a natural antiseptic essential oil and is helpful in treating various skin irritations.

Tea Tree Oil For Skin Irritation

Essential Oils For Skin Irritation