Things about vegan diet

Vegan diet is the strict form of vegetarian diet where animals are excluded as food. A vegan diet not only eliminates meat, but also other animal products like eggs and dairy products.
Vegan diet lead to fewer diseases among the people, hence it can be healthy if followed properly.
Fewer Diseases: According to a recent study among the dieticians of America and Canada, vegan diet has a low level of fat, cholesterol, and animal protein and is high on fiber, folate, carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants like vitamin C and E. Hence vegan diet people have low cholesterol levels, low blood pressure and lower chances of death due to prostate and colon cancer and ischemic heart diseases.
Vitamin B12: This vitamin is not found in profuse among the plants. Hence supplement of B12 should be taken regularly to avoid anemia and neurodegenerative diseases.
Vitamin D and Calcium: Vegans are required to intake food high on calcium and vitamin D at least two or more servings per day through the intake of soy milk, hazelnuts and almonds. A recent study concluded shows that the vegans have high risk of fracturing bones than that of non-vegetarians as well as vegetarian people. Intake of 15-30 minutes of sunlight for a number of days can lead to the obtaining of large quantity of vitamin D. Supplements are required during the winter season as there is less sunlight.
Preventing Osteoporosis: The increase of acidity of tissues and blood by the consumption of red meat leads to osteoporosis disease among the non-vegetarian people. The people following vegan diet are less prone to this disease as they are high on plant proteins, calcium, Vitamin D and E.
Iodine: Iodine is must for people living in places where salt is not iodized. Most vegan multivitamins are rich in iodine, which can act as a supplement.
Pregnancies: During pregnancies, a well balanced vegan diet is highly recommended as lack of some vitamins like vitamin B12 could lead to neurological disorders in their children. During this period, pregnant mothers need to intake proper supplements of iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12.
People following vegan diet totally avoid animal related products, mainly as they stand up for the cause of animals, mainly the cruelly slaughter of animals to meet the human demands for meat eating. This diet is very healthy and effective if taken properly.

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