Things that Pregnant Women must Avoid

Every pregnant woman no matter what race, culture or social strata she comes from wants to do every thing right to make sure that her baby is safe. This happens from the moment she realizes that she is pregnant. A few words of advice from your health care advisor and you will be made aware that you can continue with most of your daily activities for the term of your pregnancy. There are a few things that you will not be able to do or should avoid and your common sense will rational it for you.

Pregnant women should avoid indulging in alcohol, cigarettes and late night parties that involve crowds, loud noise and second hand smoke. Limit your activities that may involve you falling or getting injured in any way. Keep your footwear as comfortable as possible. Wear high heel shoes with caution. Avoid over the counter medication completely. Keep pets away as they tend to carry bacteria and pesticides that are harmful to your baby. Avoid getting adventurous with your sexual activities during the entire term of your pregnancy. Try and avoid stress as far as possible.

You must pay keen attention to your diet. Avoid raw foods like fish and eggs. Always eat foods that are cooked well as uncooked foods contain several bacteria. Processed meats must be limited. Unwashed foods like fruits and vegetables are dangerous as there are high tendencies of them containing pesticides.

You do not need to cut yourself from the social circuit completely, just make sure that you are well protected. Do not walk into an over crowded night club where the risk of some one bumping into you or stamping on your foot is high. Keep your living space as well as your working space free from dust in order to avoid allergies.

Xrays and dental surgeries can be potentially harmful so try and limit your exposure to harmful radiation. Exercise to keep you fit and stress free. Consult your health care practitioner on how much and the kind of exercise that is safe for you.