13 Excellent Sun Burn Care


13 Excellent Sun Burn Care

Sun burn can happen to any one and at any time. It is very common in winter because, because of nice cold weather of winter people want to bathe in the sun. In winter people want to spend maximum time of a day in outdoor. For this reason at this time the rate of sunburn is highest. Take proper precaution before going to sun. In spite of that if you get sun burn, there are some very effective home remedies which helps to remove sun burn very quickly.

This article will give you some information on precaution before going to sun and some tips to remove sun burn before it becomes permanent or goes in the deeper layer of the skin.

13 Tips And Tricks To Treat Sunburned Skin

Precaution Before Going To Sun

Precaution Before Going To Sun

Do not forget to wear sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 before going to sun. Buy the best quality sunscreen lotion that your pocket permits. Before using it check that it suits your skin and does not irritate your skin. Buy the product according to your skin type.

Use parasol or umbrella at daytime to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Cover your head with a hat for the protection of hair and wear sunglasses to protect the soft skin surrounded by your eyes. Wear long sleeved cotton clothes to protect your arms from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Cold Water And Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes For Sun Burn Care

Sun burn actually happens when the scorching heat of the sun enters the layers of the skin and burn the cell. To remove the heat as early as possible wash the exposed skin with cold water immediately after coming back from the sun. Rub ice cubes on face and neck to remove heat quickly after coming back from the sun. This will help you to avoid sun burn.


Make ice cube of rosewater and rub that cube on your face and neck daily. Also use rose water as toner. Rose water is a cool substance which keeps your skin soft and supple.

Rosewater For Sun Burn Care


Mint is an excellent product that cures sun burn very effectively. Take some fresh mint leaves and extract the juice. Massage that juice on your face and neck. If the juice is very thick you can mix plain water to liquefy it. Everyday massage of mint juice on your skin saves your skin from sun burn, keeps your skin cool because mint is cool by nature and it also prevents acne and pimples as mint has antibacterial property.

Mint For Sun Burn Care


Cucumber is an excellent thing that cures sun burn within a few days. Cut cumber in very fine slices. Put the cucumber slices in refrigerator for sometimes. Then cover your skin with the chilled slices of cucumber and take rest for 15-20 minutes keeping your eyes shut off. This practice will help both to remove sunburn and to keep your nerve cool. You can use cucumber in various ways.

Grate some cucumber and extract the juice. Preserve the juice in refrigerator. After washing your face apply this juice on your clear skin with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it for sometimes. Everyday use of this method helps to remove sun burn very effectively. Take some cucumber pulp and mix this with a table spoon of fuller’s earth. Apply this mask on your face and neck. Practice this method everyday to cure sunburn effectively.

Cucumber For Sun Burn Care


Potato removes sun burn very quickly and effectively. Peel one potato and slice it very finely. Put the slices in refrigerator to make it cool. Use cool potato slices to cover your skin. Give special attention on skin near your eyes. Potato has power to remove all dark spots due to sun burn very quickly. In spite of potato slices you can also use potato pulp or white potato juice to remove the sun burn.

Potato For Sun Burn Care


Another very effective natural product for sunburn is aloevera. It not only heals sun burn, but also all types of burn. Use aloevera fresh to get the better result. For this purpose keep one aloevera tree always at your garden.

Cut one tube, slit it and remove the gel. Massage the gel on affected area. Massage aloevera gel on your burnt skin everyday. Within few days you will find that your sun burn has been cured completely and there is no spot.

Aloe Vera For Sun Burn Care

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood itself is a very cool product which is effective to cure sun burn within a few days. Apply thick layer of sunburn paste immediately after coming back from sun. It heals your skin, makes it cool and saves your skin from any type of skin infection because of its antibacterial property.

Sandalwood Paste For Sun Burn Care

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Honey And Lemon

If you want to bleach your skin then take a spoon honey and squeeze one lemon in it. Mix well and apply it on your skin. Leave it for sometimes before wash.

Practice this method everyday. Lemon juice being acidic removes black spots caused by sun burn and honey moisturize your skin and supply nourishment.

Honey And Lemon For Sun Burn Care

Turmeric, Neem And Basil

Grind raw turmeric, neem leaves and basil leaves into smooth paste. Add sandalwood paste in turmeric paste. Mix well and use this as face mask everyday on your skin. This musk effectively cures sun burn and makes your skin spotless and fair.

Turmeric, Neem And Basil For Sun Burn Care

Orange And Yogurt

Mash one orange and mix yogurt with it. Apply this paste all over your body everyday at least 20 minutes before going to take bath.

Everyday use of this product heals sunburn and takes all type of care of sun burnt skin. Everyday use of this product makes your skin fair, glowing and radiant.

Orange And Yogurt For Sun Burn Care


Milk perhaps has no alternate for sun burnt skin. Massage chilled milk all over your body. Give special attention where you have got sunburn. Milk nourishes your skin, hydrates it and removes sunburn effectively and very quickly.

Milk For Sun Burn Care

Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice

Take a cup of pure coconut oil and squeeze one lemon in it. Mix well. Massage this oil everyday on your skin at least 10 minutes before goings to bathe. This method helps to remove sunburn effectively. Coconut oil itself it a cool substance, makes your skin cool and effective for all types of burn. It also hydrates your skin.

There is no need to go to beauty parlor to remove sun tan. You can do it of your own with your easily available home products.

Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice For Sun Burn Care