Thyroid Disorder Symptoms – Effective Treatment

Thyroid disorder is a condition when the thyroid stops working optimally and hampers with a lot of the body’s most significant functions. It has been estimated that millions of people all over the world suffer from these symptoms. But in most cases it has been also found that in most cases the symptoms of thyroid disorder are rarely diagnosed which leads to acute hypothyroidism.

As per the statistics that have been collected from different parts of the world, it has been found that the women are more prone to thyroid disorders as compared to the men. There are three conditions that are linked to thyroid disorders namely overactive thyroid, underactive thyroid and the cancer of the thyroid. The common symptoms that have been found in the case of overactive thyroids are sudden loss of weight, sweating, uneven heart beat, feeling of fatigue, changes in the bowel habit, difficulty in sleeping etc.

While in the case of underactive thyroids, some of the common symptoms are increased weight, swollen face, hoarse voice, lack of concentration, constipation as well as sleepiness. But thyroid disorders can be treated successfully and the symptoms can be controlled to a large extent.

Licorice: This herb is extremely useful for the treating and the curing of thyroid problems. The herb has been found useful for the maintenance of balance between the glands as well as the body energy expenditure. Licorice is popular as it is admired for its capability to increase the production of energy so as to keep a person healthy and active.

Black Walnut: Black walnut is well-known as a thyroid stimulant and has a high content of organic iodine. This organic iodine is critical and fundamental for the growth and nurturing of the thyroid glands. Hence black walnuts are thought of as an efficient medicine for the treating of thyroid disorder conditions.

Motherwort: Motherwort is the herb that is commonly used for the treating of thyroid disorders. This herb works excellently for the treating of post partum thyroiditis along with gentle post-partum misery. It is for this very reason the herb is consumed till the infant is of 12 weeks of age.