Tips For A Healthier Life

In the present busy lifestyle people don’t have even time to think of changes in their life style, though everybody want to be fit enough. There are some small tips which are big enough to make a way to men’s healthier life.

healthier life

The day should start with a breakfast consist of milk, fruit, peanut butter with wheat toast and waffles. Walking or jogging should be there in daily routine. A person should climb stairs than using escalator. Snack should be of low fat. Regular work out is necessary. Stretch up and warm up should be done regularly. Daily twenty minutes physical activity is essential like dancing, jogging and running. Weight lifting and push ups make a person stronger.


A person did not have to leave ice cream, French fries and hamburgers but a person should know the amount of this food type and how often these to be taken. Human body needs carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. A person should have balanced diet. Being more active is good for health.


A person should encourage friends for physical activities like hiking or riding a bike. More amounts of fruits, vegetables and grain should be included in the diet. Raw vegetables are good in a salad and sandwich. Eating wide variety of food is always good. A person should try eating those vegetables and fruits that they do not usually eat. Amount of sugar and salt should be reduced in the diet.


Food should be chewed properly and proper time should be given to chew it. Eating should be avoided at the time of watching TV, working, arguing or driving. Weight of a person should be according to age, sex, heredity, and height. Excess fat in body increases chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke or some other type of illnesses.

watching tv

Being too much thin increases risk for osteoporosis. Both skipping meals and overeating should be avoided. Having some snacks between the meals is good but overeating of snacks should not be there which is as heavy as a meal. A person should not terminate any specific food, only moderation is required for the amount of the food.