Tips For Body Skin Care Routine


Your skin is a living organ. It acts as a protective shield for the body to save you from severe cold, extreme heat and environmental pollution. Body skin care is as important as eating and sleeping.

body skin care

You have to follow a regular body skin care routine to prevent various types of skin problems like acne, eczema, skin rashes, skin peeling and similar other skin allergies. A clean skin  looks healthy and glowing. Regular body skin care regime helps to prevent skin ailments in later stages of life.

Body Skin Care Routine

Certain skin care routines like bathing, cleansing and moisturising have to be followed everyday whereas other treatments like exfoliating and massage can be done on weekly basis.

Daily Cleansing

Daily bath is the basic step towards body skin care. Bathe with fresh water and maintain water temperature according to the season. Avoid hot water bath as it dries out natural moisture of the skin. Use shower gel or liquid bathing soap as they are gentler on the skin and they help to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Bar soaps contain harsh chemicals that may cause skin rashes or eczema. Prefer using alcohol free cleansers as they are safe and prevent skin allergies. Natural and herbal cleansers work best for body skin care.



Moisturise your skin immediately after drying the body and while it is still a little damp. A moist skin absorbs the moisture faster and it penetrates deep into the pores. Moisturiser helps to prevent itching, irritation and dry and flaky skin.

Use an oil based moisturiser in winters and a water based moisturiser in summers for body skin care. Apply moisturiser all over the body and pay special attention to your elbows, knees, hands and feet.


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Exfoliation helps to deep cleanse the pores and it lets the skin breathe. It helps to remove dead skin cells and it stimulates the growth of skin tissues. It boosts blood circulation and improves your skin tone. Exfoliation removes all the impurities from the skin and helps to prevent skin problems like prickly heat, acne and itching. It also helps to reduce cellulites.

You can exfoliate the skin with a loofah or a soft towel. Take a few drops of body wash in a loofah and scrub the body in gentle circular motions. The skin becomes clean and soft after exfoliation. You should exfoliate the skin once or twice a week with a good body scrub.



Body massage with nourishing oil rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. It is an essential part of body skin care routine. Massage stimulates blood circulation; it helps to remove toxins from the body and opens clogged pores to let the skin breathe. Body massage prevents and reduces wrinkles and cellulites. It revitalizes the body and improves skin texture. Weekly body massage helps to maintain vitality and vigour.

It also keeps your skin healthy and firm. Coconut oil and mustard oil are most beneficial for body skin care as they penetrate in the skin easily and can be used all around the year. For a more exotic body skin care routine you can use essential oils for massage.