Tips for Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is caused by prolonged exposure to urine or stools on the baby’s skin. Diaper rashes spread from the buttock region on to other parts of the body if not taken care of in time. This may cause a lot of unrest with your child. Diaper rashes are common to cloth nappies as well as store bought diapers. It is common to children with sensitive skin. It is normally cause due to infrequent diaper changes.

Home remedies

Mothers sigh when then see their babies cute bottoms covered in a rash. But you need not fear for diaper rash can be cured within a few days. Try a few home remedies before you rush to see you doctor about your baby’s behind.

First of all keep the baby nappy free as far as possible. Bacteria from urine and stools tend to build up and cause the rash in many cases. I f you must use a nappy, try a cloth wrap around the baby.

Change the nappy as many times as possible. If you are not able to keep your baby without a nappy then you must change the diaper frequently. Every 3 to 4 hours wash the baby’s behind with warm water and soap and put a fresh nappy on. This minimizes the risk of a rash.

Do not use store bought baby wipes. The best solution is cotton wool and water with a few drops of eau de cologne. If you insist on wipes choose ones that have not been perfumed.

Wipe the baby dry regularly and after every wash. Make sure that the curves and folds of the skin is dry and that there is no water left untouched. Leave the baby without a nappy for a few minutes after washing her. It will not cause any harm.

Use a diaper cream or a few drops of olive oil on the baby’s skin to prevent the bacteria from touching the skin. A cream that has Aloe Vera in it will work wonders for your baby’s skin. It helps soothe the rash as well as prevent it from spreading further.

Elders may advice using powders on the baby’s buttocks to keep them dry but that is a myth. It tends to cause more harm than good. Powder can cause yeast infection that may be detrimental to your baby’ skin.

Try a different brand of diapers if you feel the rash may be due to the texture of the cloth. Trail and error method will work best till you find the brand that suits your baby. The most expensive or reputed brand may not necessarily be the one that suits, so don’t be fooled.