4 Tips for Keeping Hair and Scalp Healthy

4 Tips for Keeping Hair and Scalp Healthy

Healthy hair are the integral part of a beautiful look. Today a major fraction of the people worldwide is facing the hair and scalp problems. Hair loss is a major concern in this regard because it is becoming a common problem in recent years due to unhealthy life pattern of people. The growing pollution in the environment is also leading to this problem to some extent. Poor nutrition is also a factor leading to the problem of hair loss and dandruff.

Other factors accounting for these problems may include long term illness, stress, incorrect treatment, hormonal disorders or aging. Sometimes these problems are due to the side effect of the over the counter drugs taken for the treatment of some disease. The excessive skin flaking found with dandruff represents a high turnover of scalp cells. This in some cases is termed as yeast infection.

Exercise For Healthy Hair

Our lifestyle has a direct impact on the condition of our hair and scalp. To avoid the problems related to hair and scalp we should go for healthy diet which is rich in essential acids, protein, zinc, iron, carotenes, silica and vitamins like B, C and E. Consumption of vitamin E is very effective for healthy hair. We should avoid taking carbonated drinks because they are not good for healthy and pose adverse effect on hair and scalp. In order to keep the blood circulation of body fit, we should go for regular exercise. It ensures a proper supply of blood to the scalp.

Diet For Healthy Hair

Use of heated rollers or hair dryer for a long period is not good for scalp and hair. We should go for natural ways for drying hair. The chemicals contained in perms, bleach, tins etc can harm our scalp and can lead to the problem of hair loss. Therefore, we should avoid use of such chemical based solutions.

Sandalwood Oil For Healthy Hair

Essential oils are good for keeping hair and scalp healthy. Apply these oils while going to the bed in the night and wash hair next morning using some herbal based shampoo. These essential oils are very effective in case of red, itchy scalp. For one who is suffering from the problem of itchy scalp, applying a blend of sandalwood oil, lavender oil and geranium oil is very effective. It reduces itching and redness of the scalp very quickly.

Lavender Oil For Healthy Hair

Tips for Keeping Hair and Scalp Healthy