Tips For Lowering Cholesterol Levels


Cholesterol is very important for our body as it gives strength to the cells.

lowering cholesterol

High cholesterol or Hypercholesterolemia is an ailment that many people commonly suffer from all over the world. There are some natural tips that can help you to keep the cholesterol level in control.

Natural Tips For Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Mix bran cereals in the milk and take it in breakfast.  Make a mixture of twenty peeled lemons and twenty crushed cloves of garlic; put the mixture in a bottle and leave it there for 25 days in a dark area. After that, drink half cup of the mixture early in the morning everyday. Also, drink the water of coriander in the morning and at night as it helps to reduce cholesterol and keep the kidneys in good condition.

bran cerals

Take ginger juice twice daily as it is very useful to improve the function of blood flow. Try to eat foods that are cooked with sunflower oil instead of any butter or cream based oil.


Eat salad including green leafy vegetables with olive oil and fiber-rich food to decrease your high cholesterol level.  Commiphora and terminalia are well known natural contents, which have the properties to protect the muscles of heart and help to decrease the level of blood cholesterol at the rate of 14 to 27 percent.

Consuming a full bowl of almonds everyday can help to decrease 8 to 15 percent of the cholesterol level.  To reduce high cholesterol by ten to twenty five percent, consume minimum two carrots a day.


Make a mixture of one chopped onion and ¼ tsp black pepper and take it with a cup of buttermilk twice in a day. Make a juice of one citrus fruit, spinach and strawberry and consume the juice once daily as well. You can also take the grape juice regularly as it can control the level of cholesterol.


To lower your cholesterol level, add some soybeans, navy beans, kidney beans and lima beans in your daily diet. Eat more fruits like mangoes, guava, apples, citrus fruits and, strawberries and, fresh vegetables such as lettuce, lady’s finger, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, potatoes and celery, which produce vitamin C in our body.

Do exercise regularly to maintain the body weight and to improve blood circulation for keeping the cholesterol level in control. You should try to stop the intake of salty and spicy foods and avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.