Tips for tennis elbow exercise


Tennis elbow is the general wound in patients looking for health attention for an elbow ache. It is a circumstance where outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender. The exact cause of the tennis elbow is totally unidentified but small tears of the tendons that join forearm to the arm bone at the elbow joint is assumed to be the reason for tennis elbow. Exercise is an effective remedy of curing the tennis elbow. There are a number of stretches and resistance exercises for the treatment or rehabilitation of tennis elbow.

Stretching: These exercises help a lot in recovering from tennis elbow. One should practice all the stretching exercises within the soothing range. The aim of the stretch is to activate the full mobility of the elbow. While performing a stretching exercise if one feels painful while stretching, he must execute a little less than the full stretch so that it is not uncomfortable.

Stretching the exterior muscles: Arm needs to be held straight out and then one has to push the palm of the hand down so that he feels the stretch across the palm of the forearm. This is to be held for ten seconds and repeated several times. If one feels pain in performing this exercise, it needs to be stopped immediately.

Resistance exercise: Very light dumb bells can be used to start resistance exercises as uneven pressure can make the problem even worse. A simple yet effective exercise is that one has to hold a dumbbell in each hand and sit down. Then he has to place the forearm downwards the thigh in such a position that the hands would be hanging over the knees and positioned upwards. Then he should begin curling the weight upwards at the wrist and again slowly lowering the same.

Strengthening exercise: These exercises should be started once the indications of tennis elbow have settled. This exercise can be performed by sitting on a chair with the elbow supported on the arm of the chair and the wrist hanging over the arm. A lightweight object like a coca-cola can is to be used when performing this strengthening exercise. This exercise is to be repeated 10 to 20 times; two times a day and care should be taken to see that while performing these exercises one should not push to a point of pain.