Tips On How To Deal With Obesity

In a world with perfect bodies splashed all over magazine covers, bill boards, television and other media, what does one do if they are nowhere close to having a great body?


You go shopping and all you have to buy is loose fitting trousers with an elastic waist band and over sized t-shirts, because nothing else looks good. Low self esteem & depression are just a few things that one suffers from due to obesity.

The key is to not give up hope. Unfortunately you could be born with an extremely annoying low metabolism or you might have a hormonal disorder due to which you find it difficult to lose weight.

Tips On How To Deal With Obesity

Firstly, it would be a good idea to consult a doctor and have some routine tests conducted, which would help the doctor diagnose if there is some hormonal disorder. Once correctly diagnosed, your doctor can then guide you on the correct and healthy path to weight loss.

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If the tests come out normal, which means you need to change your habits. Consult a dietician who can guide you on what are the right foods to eat and which foods to avoid. Of course, start working out but don’t join a gym immediately. Well most people who are overweight, are generally shy to go a gym as seeing the super-fit, healthy people with great bodies only makes them feel worse about themselves. They end up not going to gym and wasting their money as a result.


Start with simple 30 minute walks everyday and slowly work up your pace and increase to 45 minutes to an hour. If you are low on energy and can’t walk for 30 minutes at a stretch, it’s ok, walk for as long as you can. Take three 10 minute walks a day, but always aim at improving your stamina. If you keep going you will see the benefits, maybe you won’t drop any inches or weight in the first month, but you will feel good about yourself.


Combine the exercise routine with healthy food. The key here is to develop a strong will power. Only you can help yourself, no matter how much anyone else tells you, nothing can be achieved unless you are self driven.

It’s ok to not have six pack abs or perfect curvy body, it’s important to be healthy and happy.

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