Tips That Will Ease Your Life During Menopause

Are you in the forties and afraid of menopause? Do you feel that menopause means some troublesome symptoms, which you would not be able to handle. Do not fear and read here. Menopause is defined as a time of cessation of ovarian function resulting in stoppage of menses.

Menopause occurs between ages 40-50, the average age being 47 years. Hot flushes, sweating, headache, insomnia, cancer phobia, fear of false pregnancy, irritability, depression, lack of concentration are some symptoms which will trouble the woman during menopause. Here are few tips which will ease your life during menopause.

Women usually develop fear of cancer or pregnancy during these years. It is important to get all basic examinations done and understand that it is due to menopause and not due to cancer or pregnancy. Regular counselling or a talk with your gynaecologist will help you overcome this phobia.

Contraceptives should be used until menopause is well established. Use of barrier methods of contraception like condom during intercourse is advised till the time menses has stopped for 12 continuous months. Hormonal pills for contraception should not be taken during this period as there is risk of complication like thromboembolism. Progestogen pills can cause irregular bleeding and depression. So better avoid them as well.

Hot flushes are particularly irritating symptoms. Awareness and understanding that they will pass will help to decrease irritability and anxiety associated with it. Include soy bean and beet root in your diet. Soy bean contains isoflavane which is strongly oestroegenic. Beet root contains iron and antioxidants. Both of these help to decrease hot flushes and decrease menopausal symptoms.

Doing regular exercises for 30-40 minutes will help you to keep fit during menopause. Include weight bearing exercises like walking or aerobics in your exercise regime. Calcium levels decrease during menopause and there is risk of developing osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercises help to increase calcium levels and prevents or delays osteoporosis.

To relieve mental stress and adapt to mind and body changes that take place during these years, go for yoga, meditation or social work. Diet during menopause should include 1.2 g of calcium. So eat calcium rich foods like milk and milk products, banana etc. Vitamin A, C and E supplements will help to decrease symptoms of irritability, help in other body functions.