Tips to Avoid Hangover

Consumption of alcoholic drink has become a trend in today’s life structure. Though we all are aware of the fact that alcohol is not good for health and it increases the symptoms of any disease we are suffering from. A regular and excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a number of health complications. When we consume alcohol in excess amount we experience various symptoms of hangover when we get up in the morning.

Head ache, dizziness, a sudden shift of mood, lack of concentration, difficulty in performing daily activities, light sensitivity, irritation, anxiety, etc are the symptoms of hangover. The symptoms remain for the whole day and hence we cannot work properly for the day. Generally our body has a certain limit of tolerating alcohol and whenever we consume alcohol more than that limit, the problem of hangover happens. This limit is different for different people. For example someone may get hangover on consuming just small amount of alcohol.

While taking alcoholic drinks one should know his limit of tolerating it and should not consume alcohol beyond his limit. The alcohol, when reaches in our body, consumes a lot of water present in our body and we feel very thirsty. Therefore it is advisable that you should drink lot of water after consuming alcohol so that the body doesn’t feel a deficiency of water. We can avoid hangover by drinking alcohol with a slow pace.

A regular consumption of alcohol leads to metabolic disorders in our body. It increases the acid level of our body which causes the liver to put the extra effort for removing the toxins from our body. You are advised not to take alcoholic drinks empty stomach. Always eat some good food before taking alcoholic drink. It will reduce the effect of alcohol on our body. Taking food before, during and after taking alcohol is always a good practice. If you smoke, the symptoms of handover will be more severe. Therefore smoking should be avoided after consuming alcohol. Taking alcohol with carbonated drinks increases the symptoms and hence you should avoid taking alcohol with carbonated drinks. Drinking lime water reduces the symptoms of hangover.