Tips to Avoid Skin Cancer

Do you like spending hours basking in warm sunshine? Sunshine is good for health but only in small amounts. If you are exposing your skin unnecessarily in the sun then you are unknowingly giving invitation to skin cancer. Radiations coming from the sun contain harmful UV rays. These UV rays react with the proteins present in the skin and results in formation of cancer tumors.

Apart from sun exposure, there are many other causes of skin cancer also. People who carry history of skin cancer in their family have increased risk for getting cancer earlier or later in life. Those who have fair skin are also more prone to skin cancer as they lack protective melanin pigment. People with dark complexion are some what less sensitive towards cancer but this doesn’t mean they should not take precautions.

Skin cancers are generally of three types- basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer. It can spread easily to other body organs through blood or lymph. It can only be treated, if diagnosed in very initial stages. The basal cell carcinomia and the squamous cell carcinomia are easy to treat, as they don’t spread much. Skin cancer can be treated via surgery, Moh’s technique (shaving off layer by layer until the tumour is removed) and curettage and electrodessication that scrapes the skin and then treats it with an electric current.

Most of the cases of skin cancer go undetected till it becomes too late to treat. So, the best way is to be on the lookout for any skin growth that keeps increasing in size and colour (brown, black or multicoloured). And also any moles or birthmarks that change size shape and colour and do not heal. Prevention is always better than cure more so when the symptoms for this disease are so vague and difficult to see. So, the next time you venture out be sure to dab on some sunscreen, wear sunglasses and try and avoid the sun during peak hours (10 am – 3 pm).