5 Tips To Control Diabetes


Control Diabetes

Various studies on health of a common many have revealed the fact that diabetes has become a common problem today. The fraction of the global population suffering from diabetes is growing every year.

As we know that the consequences of diabetes can be fatal and can lead to the death of the patient, therefore it is very important to know the basic facts about diabetes.

Tips To Control Diabetes

How to control diabetes, what are the symptoms of diabetes, what should we eat during diabetes, what are the simple remedies for diabetes etc are some question, answer to which we should know to take appropriate steps as and when required. The patient of diabetes should take only the recommended food.

Healthy Eating

Even the healthy person can also take this recommended food. For a diabetic patient it is very important to monitor intake of carbohydrate per day because carbohydrates affect the blood sugar level to the largest extent. However monitoring consumption of protein and fat is also very important in case of diabetes.


Healthy food choice is the only way to control sugar level of the body. A regular exercise is also very effective in diabetes. These can be supplanted by home based remedies and medications. The three basic things which you should check on a regular basis are the cholesterol level of the body, blood pressure of the body and sugar level of the body.


If you are able to keep these three basics in control, your diabetes will automatically get controlled. Smoking and drinking can worsen the symptoms and therefore these should be avoided. However, occasional drinking can be allowed. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before drinking alcohol because alcohol provided many calories to the body.

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Overeating is not good in diabetes. Half finished meal is good for health in diabetes. However you can increase your frequency of eating. Physical exercise for 30 minutes a day will be very helpful in diabetes. A doctor’s supervision is necessary in diabetes.

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