5 Tips To Control Sebum Naturally


5 Tips To Control Sebum Naturally

Most of us either don’t realize or don’t know the fact that our acne and excess hair fall or limp hair growth are in fact connected. This is because both our skin and our hair are usually directly, and sometimes indirectly, affected by our body’s sebum secretions

If you are hearing about sebum for the first time then you need to educate yourself about it fast, as there are high chances that the sudden burst of acne on your forehead and the limp, oily hair that you have been sporting recently are due to fluctuations of this important secretion.

Put simply, sebum is a kind of a water proof layering on the skin and the hair. It is a secretion that the body produces on a daily basis to keep the skin and hair protected from all kinds of adverse natural elements like excessive sunlight and cold weather. While in most people sebum helps provide a kind of glow to the skin and hair, but in many people it becomes a cause of worry, as it creates pimples, acne and hair fall.

This generally happens when sebum secretions in your body suddenly spike. Now there could be numerous reasons for this as well, and range from, genetic maladies to, too much stress and even forgetting to wash your face enough number of times. Since our sebum secretions are actually controlled by hormones they are sensitive to hormone fluctuations, and hence can corner both men and women at any stage in their lives.

That having said, sebum secretions generally peak during our teenage years, as that is when our bodies bear the maximum hormone fluctuations. While no one can completely avoid sebum and its adverse effects on the skin and hair, there are natural ways in which sebum secretions can be brought under control. Here are a few tired and tested ways to check your sebum secretions:

Be Hygienic

Be Hygienic For Control Sebum

The key to fighting sebum is to stay clean and hygienic. Sebum is kind of like an oily substance that sticks like a coating on the skin and hair, and since it is produced daily, it should be, or rather it must be, cleaned daily by you. If you don’t wash your face or take a bath often enough, you will surely break out into acne, as all that accumulated sebum tends to clog your skin pores and hair follicles, causing pimples and oily, limp hair.

Also, it is good idea to use a natural exfoliator every now and then on yourself. Simply crush some sugar and mix it with a little lime juice and rub on your face and body at least once or twice a week, as this mix helps remove all the accumulated sebum. You can also try grinding some almonds with milk and rubbing them. Remember, use more cold water and avoid hot water while bathing.

Stop Using Too Many Chemicals

Try not to use too many creams, lotions, or even make-up on your face during this phase, as far from helping you, they will make your problem worse by clogging and infecting your skin pores. If you simply must use make-up or anything similar on your face, then remember to remove it before you sleep.

Avoid Creams For Control Sebum

And the best way to remove it is by  simply putting some cucumber juice or rose water on cotton and gently cleaning your face in upward strokes with it. Never rub the cotton into your skin, as this will simply push all that chemical based make-up right into your pores, thereby infecting them. It is therefore best to just let your face and the pores in it breathe.

Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

Diet plays a major role in producing sebum, so the more hot and spicy things you eat, chances are the more sebum will be generated. Hence, eat as much water based fruits like melons and lemons as you can. Also, eat loads of gourds and cucumbers as they are cooling in nature and help cool down your body from the inside. Also, try to have as much sulphur rich foods as you can, as it is known to reduce inflammation. So eat at least one egg a day, and some green vegetables daily.

Fruits For Control Sebum

Start Using Packs

When you are suffering from excess sebum, you don’t need to go to a parlor and burn a hole in your pocket by getting a facial or any such expensive treatment done, as you can do better at home. Homemade, natural packs are the best for controlling the problem of sebum. And the best face pack for this problem is sandalwood. Simply mix a little sandalwood with cold water or rose water or even lime juice, and apply.Leave it on for about 20 minutes or till it completely dries up and then gently wash it off with cold water.

You can make  a similar pack with grated cucumber and rose water. For your hair, simply mix equal amounts of curd and lemon juice, apply it and leave for about an hour and wash off. The advantage of these packs is that they are easy to make, can be made at home and more importantly they work wonders on your oily skin and hair, as sandalwood, cucumber, rose water and lemon juice all have a cooling and cleaning tendency.

Using Packs For Control Sebum

Drink Loads Of Water

Lastly, ensure you drink at least 8 glasses or more of water on a daily basis. Include fresh juices in your daily diet plan, and drink them as often as you can, especially coconut water and lemonade. Avoid, or at the least, minimize your coffee and tea intake, as the caffeine in them is actually a dehydrating agent, the last thing you need. If you can’t go without your daily fix of these stimulants, then shift to healthier versions of them like green tea, that comes loaded with anti-toxicants that shall, if anything, help you fight your sebum problem.

So, go ahead try these home remedies for all that excess oil you are having to grin and bear. Although small and easy, these tips promise to make a world of difference to your sebum tormented life.

Drinking Water For Control Sebum

Tips To Control Sebum Naturally