Tips To Cure An Under Active Thyroid

The thyroid glands in our body produce hormones which help the metabolism function effectively. Hypothyroidism or an under active thyroid slows down the metabolism. Amongst other serious side effects, the most visible is weight gain.


There are a few home remedies to help you cure this disorder, but seeking medical guidance is advisable. These home remedies can be combined with what the doctor prescribes, to get double benefits.

 Beneficial Home Remedies For Thyroid

There are a number yoga exercises that can actually be very effective to cure an under active thyroid. These are known as pranayam, which are simple breathing techniques which help stimulate the thyroid gland and can be performed by anyone.If you are obese and have never exercised, start with simple short walks combined with yoga. Slowly work towards increasing the intensity of your workouts.


It is very important not to give up. You might see very slow results but that is because your metabolism is slow. Keep going at it, even if your scale doesn’t show it.An under active thyroid can also make you sluggish. When there is no reason for you to feel sleepy or tired, get off the seat and take a walk or climb up stairs. Keep doing these small 5 min exercises at intervals during the day.


There are foods such as carrots, spinach, fish that is naturally oily (not fried fish), olive oil, avocados, almonds, sun flower seeds which help an under active thyroid.Avoid drinking too much coffee or any other drinks that are high in caffeine. Stay away from simple carbohydrates like white bread, any baked goodies or canned juices.

avoid caffeine

You need to basically eat foods which are not easily broken down. Your body should work hard to break down the food, so eating complex foods is the key.Drink lots of water, this actually increases the metabolism. Plus, if you drink more water, you will need to visit the bathroom more often, which means more physical activity every few hours or minutes.

drink water

Lack of iodine is one of the main reasons for any thyroid related disorder. Look for cooking salt which has iodine in it. Eating seaweeds is also a natural source of iodine.