Tips to Cure Depression with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known to cure several ailments especially stress and depression. There are many oils available that help to cure mood swings, elevate moods and invigorate your senses. Most of these oils are available on your kitchen counter; the key is to use them in the right portions and mixes at the right time.

Essential oils and plant oils are especially effective to avoid and cure depression. Lavender lemon, rose, rose wood and orange are the most common. Some other oils that help to cure depression are jasmine, ylang ylang,

Grapefruit and sandalwood are other popular choices. There are several ways in which you can use them to elevate your mood.

If you are drawing yourself a warm bath; then add 8 to 10 drops of essential oils in your bath water. This will help to improve your mood instantly. A long soak in the tub with the essential oils mixed in it will prove itself to be extremely beneficial for your mood.

Another way where you can benefit from the essential oils is by adding a few drops mixed with a cup of water to a spray bottle. Spray some of it in the room and on your face as well. Breathing in the aromas constantly will help to cure any mood swings that you may experience.

Today, we have access to electric diffusers. You can also choose to use a candle diffuser. Bergamot works the best in diffusers and provides instant relief.

Use a perfume that is aromatic in nature. It helps to keep you in high spirits all day as you carry the scents with you. They stabilize your moods throughout the day. Mix a blend of orange, patchouli, jasmine and Calgary sage in equal portions and add it to half an ounce of water or jojoba oil or water.

Drink herbal tea and add cinnamon and ginger to it. You will automatically feel lighter and stress free.