Tips To Fight Fatigue

Being exhausted is a result of dehydration, stress, illness, poor diet and a sleep disorder. Whatever the reason may be there are ways to help you out of this condition.

Proper sleep habits, a good diet and stress management will take you a long way. You must remember that if you are tired and suffer from chronic fatigue it lessens your productivity. Even worse; it may be the causes of a severe illness.

How to beat the exhaustion

Being dehydrated does not help. Often we wait to drink water till we are extremely thirsty. This does not help. You must be equipped with a bottle of water at all times to avoid being thirsty. Keep sipping away every few minutes or so.

Use a stress management class to help you out. These classes will teach you how to reduce your stress levels, techniques to prevent stressors in your daily life and breathing techniques to relax your body when you are stressed out.

Exercising a few times a week will help to improve your overall energy levels.

You need to eat a well balanced diet that provides you with all the essential nutrients that your body demands. Include carbohydrates, protein, calcium and potassium. If you are suffering from a nutrient deficiency then you are likely to suffer from chronic fatigue.

Drink plenty of fruit juices. Orange juice is a very good source of Vitamin C. If you are low on energy then a glass of the juice will revive you instantly.

Brew a light tea and add herbs like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and lemon grass. Avoid adding sugar but use a spoon of honey to sweeten the brew. Drink the brew hot and it will I increase your energy levels within a few minutes. The tea keeps you energy levels high all day long.