Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

It’s an evil circle, first you put on weight, then you do every thing in your power to get rid of it and after you have shed the pound you realize that you have these ugly looking streaks on your body that look like you have a disease. It hampers you form wearing the outfits that you finally fit into and now you cant wear them because of these marks.

strrech marks

Well, you need not fear, getting stretch marks after a huge bout of weight loss is common and getting rid of the marks is a challenge but it is possible with a few simple remedies.

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

The key to eliminating these marks is to work from the inside out. You need to keep your body well hydrated and hence you must load up on water. The water that you drink helps not only to hydrate your body but also helps to flush out the toxins from inside out. Doctors recommend men to drink about 3 liters of water daily and women to drink approximately 2 liters.


You need to maintain a healthy diet. Now that you have fought the weight battle and you have won; the best thing you can do for your body is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from the junk food and fried food and opt for healthier options to food as you did when you were on your diet. Fruits and vegetables are always a healthy option. Add fish to your diet to increase your protein intake and dairy products for your calcium requirements.


A healthy way to eliminate these marks is to exfoliate your skin on the areas that are scarred. What happens when you exfoliate is that the dead skin cells are removed and it makes way for the growth of new cells that help to cover the marks on your skin.


Use vitamin E oil on your skin to help to remove the marks. You must regularly massage your skin with Almond oil or olive oil. These oils nourish your skin and promote cell growth. Also a regular massage helps to increase the blood circulation which in turn helps to eliminate marks.

vitamin e