Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy And Beautiful

Our feet carry the burden of our body weight then entire day. Added to that we cause them more pain by wearing uncomfortable footwear that causes additional stress on the feet. There are several tips that you can try in order to prevent strain on your feet.

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Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy And Beautiful

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that uncomfortable footwear will cause you a great deal of pain. In order to prevent this you need to wear shoes that are comfortable; your footwear needs to fit your feet well and they should not be too tight or too lose. If your shoes do not fit you well you may suffer from corns or blisters on your feet. Uncomfortable footwear can lead to more serious issues like bunions.

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In order to prevent additional strain on your feet you must maintain your weight. Avoid gaining weight rapidly as your feet will not be able to cope with the strain of the additional weight. If you have gained a few pounds then you must exercise to get rid of the additional weight.


You must wash your feet well when you take a shower. This helps to eliminate dirt and germs from the feet and keep them healthy. You must wash your feet thoroughly with a mild soap and get rid of the dead skin cells on your feet once a week. This will enhance the beauty of your feet and you will avoid dry skin and cracks. After you wash your feet you must dry them well. Use a cloth to wipe the area in between your toes in order to get rid of the excess water; this will prevent bacterial and fungal growth.


Use a rich moisturizing cream on your feet in order to keep the skin on the area well hydrated. Do not apply any cream or lotion to the area in between your toes. You must inspect your feet regularly especially if you are diabetic. If you notice any sores on your feet you need to visit your doctor immediately.