Tips to Lose Weight Quickly and Effortlessly

Exercise is the key element to losing weight. However before your exercise routine it is important to eat a high protein bar with low calories. This helps to increase the number of calories you burn in your workout. Ideally you need to eat this bar 90 minutes before your workout to lose the weight, if the time is lesser than the mentioned time and you will end up with blood rushing towards your stomach and a reduced effect of the workout.

When you work out you have a tendency to breathe though your mouth due to the intensity of the exercise. However, breathing through your nose helps you to lose more weight as you burn more calories. It will help to stabilize your heart beat and increases your endurance.

Plan your work out sessions where you cover your strength training before you get into your cardio workouts. Start with your warm up then do your weights and lastly get onto the exercise bike for your cardio. This helps to sequence your workout and increase your blood pressure and heart rate gradually.

Change you exercise sequence every few weeks. If you do the same exercise for months; the muscles in your body get used to the exercise and then it reduces the number of calories that are lost. You need to keep challenging your body by changing the sequence and the type of workouts that you opt for.

When you are sitting down at work or at home, do not slouch. This only causes you to be droopy and a bad posture claims for lesser loss of body fats. Sit up straight with your shoulders upright, back straight and your stomach pulled in. this helps you to reduce fat while sitting down itself.

Increase your muscle tone and you increase the amount of fats you burn naturally. Don’t walk up the stairs, run. Avoid elevators and escalators as far as possible. Carry your shopping weights while you walk up the stairs.