Tips To Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are one of the most common causes of death for men and women. Since this is research that has been proven by statistical analysis we need not take it as a rule of thumb.

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There are a few preventive measures that every individual can take to ensure that they stay free of heart diseases. Some of the heart disorders are hereditary and that is something that you can’t change however leading a lifestyle devoid of vices and rich in exercise and a balanced diet can prevent any disorder.

Tips To Prevent Heart Diseases

Stay Away From Tobacco And Nicotine

Cigarettes contain almost 4000 chemicals, the worst of them being tar. Low tar cigarettes are not as harmless as you think they would be. If you are a victim of second hand smoke you are at the same risk as a smoker. Women who smoke and are on the birth control pill are at a higher risk of heart attacks as well as birth defects in their children. The so called ‘social smoking’ does not reduce your risk either.

The good news is that the moment you stop smoking you see and feel a world of difference. Within a year your system is completely smoke free and hence you are at a potentially lower risk of heart diseases.

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Exercise is the key to good health. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym or cardio workouts. Doing simple physical activities help as well. Instead of driving to the office everyday use local transport or walk. Walking through the supermarket and malls are the best exercise you could get; stay away from the food court though. Exercises regularizes your blood pressure as well as helps to reduce if not completely eliminate stress. Both these factors are extremely important in preventing heart diseases.


A well balanced diet can do your body a world of good. Load up on minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats. Your diet needs to be rich in fruits, vegetables, low fats dairy products and whole grains. Beware of cheese, milk, butter, beef and coconut oils if you are risk of heart diseases as these foods are high in fats. The idea is not to cut back on these foods completely but to increase the consumption of healthy foods if you are consuming junk foods.