Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks from Forming on your Skin

I took care of my body for 24 years as if it were my temple. But after the birth of my first child I was left scarred with stitches and stretch marks. There came a point in my life where I didn’t want to look at myself. In my quest to get rid of these ugly scars I realized that there are several ways to get rid of scars on your body and methods to prevent stretch marks from forming.The key to getting rid of marks on your body is to moisturize your skin well. Merely using body butters and lotions does not help. You need to moisturize your body internally. Drinking water regularly is one way of increasing moisture in the body. If your skin is well hydrated it prevents the formation of stretch marks and scars. Nourished skin is also able to cure stretch marks at the onset itself.

When you are pregnant avoid using clothes that fit your stomach region or that will rub against the skin there. Your skin is already stretching and in order to prevent further damage you need to avoid any external factors that may aggravate your skin.

Applying skin care creams and lotions on your body is a good way to moisturize your skin. Aloe Vera hydrates the skin naturally. In order to prevent the formation of these ugly scars on your skin you need to slather a rich amount of Aloe Vera on your stomach. Aloe Vera products are also able to care for skin that is already scarred so if you have stretch marks on any part of your body you need to use this product regularly.

Diet plays a huge role in preventing stretch marks and curing them too. Though your body craves food you need to avoid over eating as it will cause you a lot of discomfort. Instead eat smaller meals at regular intervals. This will not only keep your fit it will also prevent additional unwanted weight gain. In order to prevent stretch marks you need to eat foods that are rich in water content. Vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and fruits like melons, prunes and cranberries are good for your skin and hence they must be eaten in plenty.