Tips to Reduce Stress

Your life may be stressful no matter what walk of life you may come from. You may be a teenager stressed about studies or relationships or an adult worried about your job and family. In this stressful era we tend to worry about the future and forget to live in the present. There are a few things that you can do to reduce stress.

Go through your family photo album. This will cheer you up no matter what you are going through. The looks on the faces of the family, remembering happier times and the fun and joys of earlier times will definitely reduce stress while motivating you to work towards happier times in the future.

Take a walk down memory lane. Visit the streets that you played in during your childhood or the coffee shop that you went to on your first date. Just stepping out of the house and walking around the block smelling the fresh air may help. When you are extremely stressed out take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Cook your favorite dish or treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream.

Reaching out and asking for help is a good idea. Phone a friend or email a family member and ask for help. An outsider’s perspective or opinion may help you. If you are not comfortable sharing then write down your problem on a piece of paper and shred it and toss the pieces into the wind. This is known to be therapeutic.

Get rid of persons and situations that nag you. You will feel an elevated sense of self worth by doing so.

Do a good deed. Feed the neighborhood strays or adopt a pet. Do something that will make you happy. Do it for yourself and not for praise by others.

If your stress is draining you of your thinking power then it is wise to take up a hobby. Learn something new that interests you. Do not opt for anything generic. Learn to fly a kite or try your hand at pottery.

Whatever the kind of stress you are feeling; if you feel that you need professional help do not shy away from it. Remember even your favorite celebrities have had their fair share of ups and downs and have all sought help even in the public eye.