Tips To Relieve Sunburn

You’ve spent the day at the beach with your family and ignored the rules of sun exposure. Now you are left with a threat of long term damage as well as acute discomfort of a burnt torso. There are a few things that you can do to feel instant relief.


Tips To Relieve Sunburn

Firstly, use a cooling gel like aloe all over your body. This soothing natural plant extract will help relieve any burning sensation and help to minimize the tan that will show on your skin in a few hours. It will also help minimize the peeling of the skin which may happen in the few days to come.

aloe vera gel

If your body is stinging then bathe in cool water and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda in the water. This will take care of the prickly sensation you are feeling all over your body. If you still feel the same then place clothes with the water mixture all over the stinging skin. Alternatively, you can place tea bags on your skin as the tannins in the tea will sooth your burning sensation.


Use Vaseline all over your body. This contains 41% petroleum jelly, a substance which helps reduce the burning sensation on your skin. Place the jar of Vaseline in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then apply. This will cause a cooling effect and provide instant relief.


Sun burn can also lead to blisters all over the body. The blisters acts as pockets that are filled with puss Care should be taken to avoid these blisters from erupting and spreading the puss to different parts of the body. If the blisters erupt use a mild anti biotic cream on the area and bathe in anti septic washes added to bath water.

anti-septic cream

Use the cream of the milk on the affected area. This reduces the burning sensation as well as reduces the intensity of redness and tan on the skin.