Tips To Remove Facial Hair

Nobody wants to see unwanted hair on his/her body. Many methods are available to remove unwanted hairs from hand, underarms and legs. But when it comes to removing facial hairs no one wants to take chance. Although hairs found on the face are very light and thin. But some people have thick growth of hair even on face. Facial hairs are not as much problem for men as for women.

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Women who have thick growth of hairs around their upper and lower lips are found to suffer from low self esteem and high depression. Removing facial problems is easy if some necessary precautions are taken along with it. Facial hairs are very delicate. If proper care is not taken then removing facial hairs can result in unwanted scars and other problems. So, proper care should be taken, which method to be used and which one to avoid.

Tips To Remove Facial Hair

Threading is a common used method to remove hairs around eye brows, upper and lower lips. But it should be avoided in case you want to remove hairs from cheeks and chin.


 This method is some times very painful, especially, if you have very thick hair growth or due to improper application. Always, apply a good moisturizer after threading as it makes the skin red and sensitive to rashes.


In some cases, tweezers and forceps can be used to pluck the stray hairs, if present. Bleaching is a good alternative for those people who cannot withstand the painful sessions of threading. Bleaching involves the use of chemicals which lightens the color of the hairs and makes them blend with the color of the skin. But precautions before application that you are not allergic to the chemicals used for bleaching.

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Facial strip wax is also available in the market. They can be used to remove hairs from upper lips, chin and eyebrows. Never use wax if you are suffering from any facial wound or inflammation. Electrolysis is a new method and is good for those who want permanent solution for their problems. This method involves the use of electric current to destroy the growth of hair follicles. It should only be done in care of professional.