Tips To Stop Hair Loss Problem Naturally

Hair loss is a serious problem but not a fatal disease. None dies of it. Everyone wants a thick volume of hair to remain beautiful. For this reason when we suffer from hair loss problem continuously, it is regarded as problem. We loose hair everyday and it is a natural process because the longevity of a hair is not more than 5 years.

So we loose approximately 100 strands of hair everyday. But if the number exceeds, it is regarded as the problem. There are different reasons for which we suffer from hair loss problem. Malnutrition, poor digestion, lack of minerals and vitamins, malfunction of liver, side effects of medicine, poor hygiene, hormonal changes inside our body, heredity, etc. are few causes of hair loss. This article may help you to solve the problem easily.

The first and foremost thing in the treatment of hair loss problem is to keep your hair clean. Wash your hair everyday.  You may use mild shampoo of any good brand every alternate day. Do not let dirt accumulate in your hair and keep your scalp dandruff free. Do not brush or comb wet hair because it makes the root of your hair loose.

Regular massage of oil on your scalp is good because it enhance the blood circulation. Mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil and olive oil are very good. Henna is also an excellent thing for the growth and prevention of hair loss. Soak henna overnight and apply it on hair. Henna help to bring life on your hair. Castor oil is very effective to stop hair loss and help in the growth of new hair. Take some castor oil in a container and put it in low heat. Castor oil is actually very thick oil. When you heat it gets lighter. Massage the warm oil on your scalp. Keep it overnight and shampoo your hair next morning. Practice this method. You will get benefited soon.

We loose hair because of anemia also. So consume alfalfa juice accompanied with carrot juice everyday. Drink lettuce juice and spinach juice everyday because it strengthens the life of the hair. You can apply the fresh amaranth juice externally.

Follow this method and get rid of hair loss problem soon.