Tips To Treat Psoriasis During The Summer

If you suffer from psoriasis then you will notice that you have a better time in the cooler seasons that you do during summer. In the warmer months you will notice that your skin gets itchy, scaly and looks inflamed. These patches appear on certain parts of your body like your feet, elbows, back, scalp and knees. The issue arises when the skin cells grow at a rapid pace and are not able to reach the surface of the skin and replace the older skin cells.


Although many are of the belief that a mere change in lifestyle and diet will help to get rid of the condition; there is no truth to the belief. There are a few alternative therapies that have been significant in the treatment of the skin condition; however the treatment procedure is time consuming.

Tips To Treat Psoriasis During The Summer

Exposure to the sun is one of the best ways to reduce irritation and treat the issue. Brief intervals in the sun can help to treat the skin condition completely. Talk to your doctor about the best time and the duration that you must get sun exposure, anything more that the prescribed time can be fatal and can lead to an array of skin diseases. Too much sun can worsen the condition of your skin. Beware to protect your eyes when you are out in the sun.


For topical treatments you can use Aloe Vera gel as research has stated that it is effective in soothing the skin condition. If you have the skin condition in your scalp then massaging your head with tea tree oil or using a shampoo and conditioner with tea tree oil is particularly effective. This helps to get rid of the rash almost instantly. Soak your body in an oatmeal bath every alternate day, this will help to ease the stress that your skin is under and reduces the inflammation as well.


When it comes to the diet that one needs to follow, experts recommend that you include plenty of fish in your diet. The oils that the fish generate help to improve the texture of your skin. The cartilage of the shark is gaining preference in the clinical treatment of psoriasis as research has shown significant improvement in the texture of the skin with its use.


If the skin condition is a result of stress then getting regular massages will be a dual benefit. Not only will it help to ease your stress but it will help to improve the condition of your skin drastically.