Toe Nails Fungus Treatment with Vinegar


Toe Nails Fungus

Various other cures have been tried and applied in curing toenail fungus. Some of them have worked successfully while some have not proved to be much useful as they have been claimed. After much trial and error, vinegar has been found to be extremely successful in curing this ailment.

Various types of vinegar and also a number of vinegar mixes have been proved successful in treating the ailment. After the discovery of vinegar, the experts not only became utterly surprised but also extremely confused when they found that vinegar has been so useful in treating toenail fungus. Now vinegar has been used for quite a long time in curing toe nail fungus and is a quite familiar home remedy.

Toe nails fungus treatment with different types of vinegar

White vinegar


Put enough white vinegar in a sink full of water. The quantity should be such that the feet can plunge in and soak the toe nails to the full extent. The feet has to be kept plunged in the mixture for about 30 minutes and then take out the feet from the water and dry off the feet with the help of a towel.

Remember, the feet have to be soaked everyday until the fungus is totally gone. Again, by wearing vinegar soaked bandage throughout the day, the ailment can also be cured at a fast rate.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Appel Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also extremely useful for toenail fungus. Intake of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar thrice daily helps to cure the ailment from within by attacking the infection where it lies secluded and sheltered under the thick toenail.

If the taste of the vinegar is disliked by the individuals, then another fruit juice or carbonated beverages can also be added to it in order to make it tastier.

The key element in soaking the toenail in the vinegar is that the fungus fails to thrive in the acidic atmosphere. Everyday application of vinegar helps to make the toenail acidic, which halts the growth of fungus and assists a new nail to grow normally and healthily. Therefore, vinegar is one of the effective ways to treat toe nail fungus.