5 Home Remedies For Tooth Cavity

5 Remedies For Tooth Cavity

Tooth cavity or dental caries is an ailment where the bacterial activities damage the hard structure of the teeth like the enamel, dentin, etc. These tissues progressively break down producing dental caries or cavities in the teeth. If the condition is left untreated, it might result in excessive pain, infection, tooth loss and even death in severe cases. Home based remedies for treating tooth cavity is popular and effective in present days:

Remedies For Tooth Cavity

Mouth cleansing

Mouth Cleansing For Tooth Cavity

After the intake of any food materials, one needs to wash the mouth thoroughly so that no food particles are left behind. These particles, if not washed out the mouth properly creates bacteria, which help in the formation of tooth cavities. Cavities of the teeth are generally formed at places where the tooth brushes cannot reach them. Hence it is essential that one must brush the teeth thoroughly so that no area of teeth is left cleansing.

Sweet candies

Sweet candies, are a major cause of tooth decay. The best way to avoid tooth decay and cavities of tooth is by keeping the sweets and candies at bay. Excessive intake of sweets results in formation of plague. Plague is a thin coat of bacteria and the food particles that stick to the teeth. It converts the dietary sugars to acid.

Avoid Candies For Tooth Cavity


If a nail is found to dissolve in a can of coke, it proves us that the exposure of iron to carbonic acid can be dangerous. To have strong and healthy teeth, it has been recommended by the doctors that sweets and coke needs to be avoided totally as they are very harmful for the teeth and aid in formation of cavities in the teeth.

Avoid Coke For Tooth Cavity


Cloves are used as Indian herbal medicine and the essential oil of the cloves are used as painkillers for dental emergencies. Clove is used in toothache to decrease the pain. The clove oil, if applied to the cavity in the decayed tooth, relieves the toothache.

Cloves Oil For Tooth Cavity


The toothache due to cavity can hurt one so badly that it can even disturb the sleep of a person. Oregano is a useful way to fight the tooth germs that are caused in the cavity leading to the toothache. Placing some Oregano flakes in the tooth cavity can reduce the pain to such an extent that one can eat and drink constantly for four-five days without feeling the pulse of the toothache.

Oregano For Tooth Cavity

Remedies For Tooth Cavity