Toothache Pain Relief

Toothache is an extremely troublesome and frustrating problem that has the ability to interfere into the normal activities of any person. It causes extreme pain around the tooth or the gums and the sufferer is not able to perform the daily activities in a normal and efficient way.

There are a lot of causes of toothache. Dental cavities or caries are thought as one of the main causes of tooth pain. Besides this, tooth ache is also caused from gum diseases, sensitive tooth root, cracked or fractured tooth, continuous pressing together of teeth, frequent use of tobacco products or chewing of tobacco, pulp irritation, infection of inner ear, sinuses, infection of external ear etc.

Some of the common symptoms of toothache are pain of the teeth while chewing food, irritation and swelling of gums, puffiness and inflammation of jaw, loss of blood of the gums, redness along the gum line of the tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold spur etc. There are a lot of ways by which one can get relief from toothache. Some of them are given below:

Treating ailment: At times toothache is caused from nausea, anxiety, fear etc. In such cases, the individual can get relieve from toothache by the treating and the curing of the original ailment. It has also been found that toothache can also cause pain in the neck.

Whisky and Brandy: Whisky and brandy are extremely useful for the curing and the treating of toothache. It is used in a simple way for the relieving of toothache. Take a cotton ball or cotton wool and soak it in brandy or alcohol. Now apply it directly on to the teeth. This treatment gives immediate relief to the tooth pain that is being suffered by the sufferer.

Brushing teeth: Tooth ache is mostly caused from our own negligence towards the teeth and unhygienic oral health. The individuals should always keep the mouth and the teeth clean and should not allow the food particles to stay inside the mouth. Brushing needs to be performed at least twice daily in order to prevent tooth decay as well as tooth ache.