Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Fibroid Tumors


Fibroid tumor is a condition observed in middle aged women where benign lumps of smooth muscle cells are formed into the inner wall of the uterus. The exact cause is unknown but estrogen is the suspect. Depending on the size of this tumor the treatment varies from medication to hysterectomy surgery.

fibroid tumors

In the plastic medication, a promise of tumor not reappearing is not there, while with natural therapy not only the tumor is dissolved and removed but an environment is created wherein the tumor is not allowed to grow again. Such natural treatment is volunteered by herbs mentioned below.

5 Things To Know About Fibroid Tumors

Chaste Berry

This is the first herb that is recommended to control any disease related to hormonal imbalance. The chemical composition of chaste berry is such that, it directly acts on the tumor slowing the growth process eventually dissolving them.

This herb has estrogen receptors which balance the estrogen and progesterone in the body thus ensuring the total eradication of the fibroid tumor. This property also controls the menstruation and premenstrual pain. This herb is capsulated as well as liquefied, this form is suitable. Having approximately 40 drops will help get rid of the tumor.


Stinging Nettle

As popular as nettle leaves for their wonderful work in curing urine allergies, nettle roots are a rich source of estrogen receptors. This helps in maintaining the birth hormones in proportion to each other.

In case of treating the fibroid tumor, when the hormones are controlled, the nutrition to tumor is topped as a result dissolving it. The root powder of nettle leaves can be ingested through tea or juice.



The mode of action is little around the loop but very effective to fight the tumor. Dandelion is antioxidant, it removes the excess of estrogen that forms the fibroid. Antioxidant also lubricates the liver, which metabolises the hormones maintaining the body equation to normal.

Dandelion is a rich source of vitamins and phytochemicals which help the body regain the lost energy and remove the dirt in form of hormones. Dandelion is consumed in the liquid form on a regular basis for better effects.


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Red Clover

Red clover is an herbal substitute of estrogen. Red clover contains phytoestrogen which is analogous to estrogen, this maintains the balance of the hormones that cause fibroids.

Red clover is also used as an antioxidant to treat urinary tract disorders, this property is useful for regulating the hormones and the extra estrogen. 2 tablespoons of red clover in water demonstrates makeable effects in tumor eradication.

red clover

Castor Oil

This is an external remedy to treat the internal tumor. Castor oil is potent oxidizing agent, which is toxic in internal environment. Massaging with castor oil improve the blood circulation that regulates the hormonal balance throwing out the toxins that for the fibroid. Such massages should be an alternate day affair for one who is suffering from the anaemia that these tumors cause.

Though there are many other herbal remedies, the above ones are known to have the maximum effects. And herbal remedies never have any side effects- thats the biggest benefit!