5 Herbal Remedies To Get Pregnant


Pregnancy is a sensitive topic for a number of people, especially those who struggle to attain motherhood. Though it may be very simple for a few lucky couples but it may be a daunting subject for many others who fail again and again in the pregnancy test. Couples in the latter group often want to try every other means to conceive as early as possible and do not shy away from trying herbal remedies as well.


There are a number of people who have benefitted from herbal remedies for getting pregnant. Many herbs boost fertility and help improve the chances of you getting pregnant fast. The herbs help you conceive naturally when taken appropriately and regularly as prescribed by the herbalist. Though the positive effects are known to many, it is recommended to consult an expert herbalist and your gynecologist before you start taking herbal remedies.

Most Effective Herbal Remedies For Getting Pregnant

Shen-Replenishing Herbs

Shen-replenishing herbal remedies are considered to be very effective in helping you get pregnant by treating infertility problems often caused by polycystic ovarian disorder. You can consume this herb in the form of tea. This herb is easily available in many health food stores. This herb can also be combined with other medications for improving the chances of pregnancy.


Red Clover

Red clover is yet another effective herb that can prove to be significant in helping you get pregnant faster. This herb contains isoflavin, which is a chemical compound that has similar properties of estrogen that is naturally available in the body of a woman. Owing to this unique property, this herb is often used a replacement for natural estrogen. As estrogen helps in triggering the ovulation, this herb can prove beneficial in helping you get pregnant naturally.

red clover


Chasteberry is also an important herb that can help you get pregnant faster. The extract from this herb has helped women with several problems related to infertility and menstruation. This herb may work like progesterone and increase the luteal phase, which is the second part of the monthly cycle, thereby increasing the chances of fertilizing the egg by implanting it properly in your uterus.


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Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is an herb that finds its roots in North America and is frequently used by expert herbalists to help treat infertility helping women get pregnant and problems related to menstruation. This herb contains phytoestrogens that are similar to the natural estrogen produced in the body of a woman and boosts fertility of a woman. This herb can be taken till you reach the ovulation period but not after that as it may lead to contractions inside the uterus, which may eventually lead to miscarriage if you are already pregnant. In addition, this herb may also cause nausea and vomiting symptoms.

Black Cohosh

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng, often known to be distantly related to the Chinese herb, ginseng is one of the most effective herbs that help a woman get pregnant. This herb can also help you body to cope up with various levels of stress and improves overall health. In addition, it also improves male fertility, thereby enhancing the capacity of male productivity.

Siberian Ginseng