Top 5 Herbal Remedies To Increase Fertility


There is a natural and harmless way to get to the good news fast. There is a reason why many couples today are inclined towards herbal or natural treatment to increase the chances of getting pregnant. The surgeries and modern medicine is effective but risky and dangerous to health in the long run.


I have compiled a few effective herbs that may help increase your odds to conceive in a hospitable environment for the foetus. Fertility increases signifies the duration of the child bearing chances is increased. These herbs are effective and do not have any side effects.

Natural Remedies To Boost Fertility

Lady’s Mantle

This is a common name for Alchemia vulgaris which is the first herb that is in the fertility list of any doctor. This herb has estrogen receptors that bestow estrogenic and anti inflammatory property to the uterus.

This helps in getting rid of infections, clearing the tract for fibroids, strengthening the uterus wall in short warming the house for the baby. This herb maintains the hormone levels making it possible for ova and sperm to unite.

lady mantle

Common Hogweed

Scientific name is Hercleum sphondylium, which is also foremost trusted herb to increase fertility in men and women. This herb has magical powers of increasing the blood flow to the genitals making them active.

The aphrodisiac nature enhances the sexual desire while the property to fight spasticity improves the uterus and digestive plumbing.

common hogweed

Herb Robert

Commonly known as a red robin, is the best herb to increase fertility, in men and women both. Red robin regulates the hormone secretion of the ovaries and ensures the completion of spermatogenesis.

Antioxidant nature is a boon to get rid of the contamination in the uniting tracts as well as increasing the blood and fluid circulation. It is effective with honey, consumed on a empty stomach to make a room for its activity.

herb robert

Shepherd’s Purse

This is a ladies herb. The name suggests its role in fertility management. Shepherd’s purse is a herb which plays the role of astringent and restores haemostasis in the uterus.

This keeps a control on the blood flow during menstruation, nourishes the uterine walls in order to increase the fertility. This is wonder herb as it prevents miscarriages by controlling the blood flow.


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This is bedding herb, which makes the bed ready for the ova and the sperm to unite. This happens due to the haemostatic nature that helps in restoring the normal uterus functions. Yarrow regularises the menstrual cycles setting the biological clock correctly. It also increases the blood supply to female genitalia by dilating the capillaries.

The antisepsis act of this herb clears out vaginal or urinary tract infections along with making the uterus wall thick to be ready for implantation.

It is not always that simply administering these herbs will make you pregnant, also taking the necessary precautions and living a healthy life by doing exercise without alcohol abuse or nicotine intake increase the chances of having a baby. Groom your inside to make a hostile environment for your baby to breathe and grow.