Top 5 Home Remedies For Damaged Hair


Hair is one of the most prized possessions that people love to preserve forever. But many times due to pollution or chemical overdose hair often gets damaged. Even styling can harm your hair miserably as it has to go through heat when you perm, straighten or curl your hair. You can instantly feel this when you comb your hair or even touch it, you are bound to feel the difference between your once silky locks and dry hair.

damaged hair

But the good news is that you need not panic, as you can find almost all the ingredients to treat your damaged hair at your home, especially in your kitchen. Home remedies prove to be cost effective and chemical-free. Some of the popular home remedies for damaged hair include mayonnaise, oil, especially olive oil, eggs, cocoa butter, beer, aloe vera and vinegar. These home remedies help in strengthening, softening and moisturizing the hair, leaving you with lustrous locks.

Effective Home Remedies For Damaged Hair


Mayonnaise is one of the most effective ways of treating damaged hair. It can easily soften and condition your hair without causing any unwanted mess. You just need to spread about half a cup of mayonnaise full of fat on your hair completely.

Ensure you cover each strand of hair from its root to the end when you apply mayonnaise for conditioning your hair. Once you have applied mayonnaise, cover the hair with a thick towel as it allows the mayonnaise to settle and moisturize the hair for about 15 – 30 minutes. You can then rinse and shampoo your hair as normal.



Applying oil on your hair and the scalp is a traditional way of treating the damaged hair. You can even warm the oil and then apply on your hair to moisturize the damaged hair thoroughly. Olive oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil or avocado oil is known to work wonders in treating the dull and damaged hair. You can gently apply the oil on your hair and leave it for an hour or even over night and then wash it before you step out of your house.


Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter also works wonder in treating damaged hair. Just soften about half a cup of cocoa butter in microwave oven or on electric or gas stove. Then gently spread it on your hair. Make sure the softened cocoa butter reaches through the ends of your hair.

Allow the butter to sit and settle on your hair for at least 15 minutes before you shampoo and rinse your hair. It works great in moisturizing the damaged hair and brings a healthy shine to your otherwise rough and dry hair.

cocoa butter

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Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is yet another effective method of treating damaged hair. Whip together two egg yolks until smooth. Work the mixture of egg yolks through the hair until the egg mixture gets fully immersed in your hair and hair gets saturated completely.

Cover and leave your hair untouched for about 20 minutes so that it settles in your hair and helps in strengthening and softening your hair. Later, you can rinse or shampoo your hair to get rid of the pungent smell of the egg mixture.



Beer is also known to bring shine to your hair and make it look healthier by adding protein to it. You can mix about 12 ounces of your favorite brand’s beer with some drops of essential oil and gently apply on your hair for best results.