Top 5 Home Remedies For Dark Circles


Do you have darkened skin around your eyes? The problem is very common among people, mainly those who have crossed their teens. The skin around eyes is very delicate and thin. It does not have oil glands or any other mechanism to stay fresh. Thus, it is very important to take special care of the eye skin, else you’ll end up with dark circles, under eye bags and all other eye problems.

dark circles

There are various causes of dark circles, the list includes – heredity, allergies, anemia, fatigue, age, hyper pigmentation, etc. Various under eye products are available in market which claim to reduce the problem. But the products are not only expensive, but also risky to use. It is always better to go for harmless home remedies whenever possible. The article lists some simple home remedies to get rid of dark circles.

Best Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Sleep Well

Sleeping is the best thing you can do to avoid dark circles. Bad sleep cycles often make your skin pale resulting in prominent visibility of dark circles. Also, lack of sleep lowers blood circulation in body which adds to the cause of dark circles. Make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours everyday.

In case that is not possible, 6 hours work well for some. Just figure out how much time your body needs to relax and the problem is solved. Take ample rest, stay relaxed and have a sound sleep.


Almond Oil

Almond oil is easily available and is a very nutritious oil. It is a rich source of vitamin E and vitamin K, which work upon the darkened skin around the eyes. Almond oil also helps in hydration, which is a very important factor in maintaining healthy under eye skin. Dry, unhealthy skin often leads to darkening causing dark circles.

Almond oil curbs all such problems. All you need to do is, take little almond oil over your finger and massage it lightly around your eyes. Make sure you massage very lightly and the oil does not seep into your eyes. Practicing the remedy in morning and at night will bring results in a month.

almond oil


Major reasons of dark circles include fatigue and lack of sleep. Lack of rest causes the skin to get pale, letting the blood to show up darker beneath the thin under eye skin. Eyes thus appear darker causing dark circles. The best way to combat the situation is by using cucumber.

It has a cooling effect and adds a sense of relaxation, allowing the eyes to relax and appear normal. Cut two slices of cucumber and place them in fridge. Once they are cool, use them to cover your eyes. Relax for 10-15minutes, after which you can remove the cucumber slices and wash your face with cold water.


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Lemon is a naturally bleaching agent. It does not harm your skin and works to lighten the skin colour. But, eyes are very delicate part of the body and it is a little hard to use lemon juice directly around them. Since a little juice inside your eyes can cause a lot of problems, it would be better to dilute it.

Mix lemon juice with tomato juice in a ratio of 1:2. Add the mixture to gram flour in order to form a thick paste. Make sure that the amount of gram flour is equal to the amount of tomato juice used. Apply the mixture around your eyes for about 10 minutes everyday. As the paste starts to dry, wash it off with water.



The caffeine and tannin present in tea work well to reduce dark circles. They help in constricting blood vessels under the eye area which hides their visibility from the upper layer of skin, making the skin appear lighter. You can use either black tea bags or green tea bags, as they work best for the purpose.

Just store the tea bags in fridge after using them in tea. When the bags get cool, you can use them for reducing dark circles. Just place a tea bag over each eye and stay undisturbed for around 10 minutes. Follow the remedy daily for best results.

tea bag