Top 5 Most Effective Cures For Spinal Arthritis

Spinal Arthritis

Spinal Arthritis

In today’s hectic work-life when most of the people are bound to a sedentary lifestyle or get less time to exercise or even worse, hardly care about what and when they eat, spinal arthritis is a common problem that is being witnessed on the rise among people above the age of 40.

Some of the most renowned researchers have stated that over 90% of people over the age of 55 suffer from a mild to a very serious form of spinal arthritis. It is always best advised to go for a check-up even if you have no symptoms. Here are some of the most important and effective cures for spinal arthritis.

Effective Cures For Spinal Arthritis

Know The Cause

In most cases, spinal arthritis is treated generally, when actually it could be cause due to a variety of complications like hormonal imbalances, calcium deficiency or even irregular posture. This is the main reason why the less complicated treatments fail for spinal arthritis.


Hence, it is very important to get to the root cause of the problem, which can lead to an effective treatment. Usually, the doctors ask for the entire medical and lifestyle history to arrive at a conclusion.

Accupuncture, Massage And Yoga

One of the most painless and effective treatments, acupuncture targets the nerves and muscles responsible for the root problems you are experiencing. Make sure a certified professional is treating in this case to achieve extensive results.

Massage And Yoga

Apart from this, the touch of a human hand can also be equally effective. Massages done with hot medicating oils can liberate the patient from the pains in the neck and back which are often very irritating and dangerous. Equally effective is yoga, to keep the muscles moving and the blood well circulated.

Excercises For Spinal Arthritis

It becomes increasingly important to keep the affected regions of the body in motion, to prevent further spread of pain in the body. Light neck and back exercises without causing pain are advisable. Also a light mind and body game of golf can give a lot of confidence to the body.



Aerobic exercises combine breathing and movement of the muscles to give a soothing effect. Meditation is for the mind and soul and allows the patient to take his/her mind off from the pain and allow the inflamed joints to relax, which is a very important cure as far as spinal arthritis is concerned.

Medications And Drugs

Apart from the above mentioned cures, medications play a very important role in curing spinal arthritis completely. For mild to moderate pains, over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and aspirin are effective. Creams can decrease inflammation and have almost no side-effects. If the pains still persist to a large extent, then options like steroid injections are also available.


The Last Option Of Surgery

The traditional surgery method involves making an incision of 5 to 6 inches to access the affected parts so that the muscles can be disconnected and retracted to the sides.

This also involves a post-operative hospital stay of 5-8 days, medications of 2-5 weeks and the healing of incision which takes about 7 to 20 days. Over all the entire healing process can take roughly about a year or more.


Hence there is nothing safer and better than curing Spinal Arthritis by simple and natural methods. Over and above, diet is also an important factor to allow the rebuilding of damaged muscles and tissues. Even more important is the will to get better and alienate oneself from the pain, while undergoing the treatment or surgery.